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Dental Hygiene/Prevention

We believe that our hygiene/preventive maintenance program is the most valuable service we provide our patients in the long term. If a patient gets their mouth to a high state of health, we can custom design a daily home care routine and a recommended professional preventive maintenance interval. The combination of the two  can minimize your risk factors for preventable dental diseases, cavities and gum problems .

Our hygienists are licensed, highly trained professionals who don’t just “clean teeth”. They actively assist doctor in diagnosing periodontal disease and can perform non surgical gum therapy. They co diagnose other oral conditions such as oral cancer and initial review of any x-rays taken. Using a laser (Diagnodent) and a special LED intraoral camera (Sopro Life), they are able to screen patients for decay. The Diagnodent is especially good at detecting cavities on biting surfaces of back teeth that have never had any fillings. The Sopro Life can be used to find decay in between teeth, around fillings and crowns, and on root surfaces. Once the hygienist finds a suspicious area, doctor will then do an exam and make the final determination if treatment is needed.

Preventive possibilities have expanded dramatically in the last 10 years. We use a “sticky” kind of fluoride (fluoride varnish) instead of the foam here in the office. This type of fluoride stays on the teeth for 7 days and provides dramatically increased fluoride uptake into your teeth. We also have a remineralization/fluoride paste (MI paste plus) for home use which can reverse early cavities and prevent new ones. Different toothpastes (Proenamel) are now available to combat a significant problem call Acid enamel erosion. Of course, fluoride in your water supply is an integral part of everyone’s daily home care routine. The recommended amount is 4, 8 ounce glasses of tap water per day. Bottled water usually contains no fluoride and significantly increases you cavity risk factor if it’s all you drink!

Why Rubino Dentistry?

There has never been a broader range of dental services in Park Ridge, IL, a patient can choose from. Our commitment to providing our patients with the latest, proven dental services and our desire to personalize each visit sets us apart from most dental practices. Your comfort, time and understanding of your oral health needs frame our recommendations and each visit to our office. We rarely make our patients wait for their appointments!

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